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Homedec Good Design Award winner 2017

• Secure • Windproof • Soundproof • Termite proof • Low maintenance • Energy efficient • Durable • Eco friendly •

• Made in europe • F‍‍‍ully imported • 70mm or 88mm profile • ‍‍‍Advanced Double Glazing •

 Standard profile  

 Door profile  

 Renovation profile  

Wohnraum Door profile 70mm
Wohnraum Standard profile 70mm
Wohnraum Reno profile 70mm

WIDEST RANGE OF COLORS - with perfect weld

Wohnraum UPVC Windows are available in many different colours and timber decors

Wohnraum UPVC doors and windows are available in many different colors and timber decors. We have the technology to produce high quality windows with aesthetics never seen before and almost invisible welds for all decors except white.

The new weld is perfectly flat and its strength is much greater than standard welded joints. Gaskets in the corners maintain their softness, which increases protection and insulation against wind, noise and temperature differences.

Wohnraum UPVC windows have an almost invisible and flat weld




Unlike most Windows in Indonesia, Wohnraum Windows come with a Tilt & Turn Double function at no extra cost:

• Handle  faces down (Closed):
Window is securely locked

• Handle horizontal (Turn):
Window opens up to 180° to the inside

• Handle faces up (Tilt):
Window opens on the Top for Ventilation

TILT & TURN Double function

Wohnraum Windows is probably the only Window supplier in Indonesia that offers Advanced Double Glazing (Low-E + Argon) as standard*.

The Low-E Glass reflects harmful Sunlight (UV-Light) and no additional Window film is needed. The Argon gas between the Glass panes reduces the thermal loss to keep your building cooler. This is a big advantage for residential (House, Apartment) and commercial (Hotel, Resort, Office) projects.

The Double Glazing with Argon gas also increases the acoustic properties of the window and makes it more soundproof.

*based on our research July 2016

Low-E Glass helps to reduce the energy usage (energy saving glazing) and is suitable for Green Building design.
Wohnraum UPVC Window with Triple Glazing

Wohnraum Glazing Options:

• Double Glazing with Argon (Standard)
• Triple Glazing with Argon
• Security Glazing
• Extra soundproof Glazing
• Clear, Brown, grey or green colored Glazing
• Ornamental Glazing

• Spy-Glass
• Sandwich panel



• Cooler Room temperature, even without A/C
• Less or No UV-Damage to Furniture and Interior
• No need for additional window tinting (Sun-, UV-Film)
• Soundproof


Made-to-order in Europe in almost any shape and combination thereof.

Wohnraum UPVC window with 70mm profile and double lgazing
  • The profile, which the window is made of, has been certified as Class S (resistance to sunlight, for tropical climate)
  • six-chamber system with a depth of 70mm
  • thermal coefficient of profiles at 1.3 W / m2K
  • copyright solution of a third gasket system allows you to achieve the best tightness parameters with little additional financial outlay
  • possibility to use a traditional wide floating mullion, and a narrow one with width of 58mm
  • window profiles made from 100% PVC (without any addition of lead)
  • thermal coefficient of the whole window 1.24 W / m2K *
  • up to 42dB acoustic insulation
  • technology of welded-in post allows the best tightness parameters of the window
  • Option of Double glazing unit Ug = 1.1 W / m2K or energy-saving triple glass Ug = 0.6 W / m2K
  • Wide range of colours, including colours never seen before on the market

Standard Glazing Properties:

  • Double Glazing
  • Low Emissivity (Low-E Glass)
  • Argon Gas

Standard Profile Properties:

  • 6 Chambers
  • 2 Seals (3rd optional)
  • Color: white
  • Extra Strong Steel Core
  • White Handle



  • Massive and unusually stable profile, recommended for energy-efficient houses (Green Building) and clients who are looking for something very special and exclusive.
  • 88mm profile with 6 chambers.
  • A modern window with excellent heat insulation and strength.
  • Ideal f‍‍‍or the use with our exclusive triple glazing units of up to 50mm.
  • Available in many different colors.
Wohnraum 88mm profile with triple glazing

• Glue-On
  with aluminium Separator
   between the glass panes

• Internal
   Between the glass panes
   for easy cleaning

   with separate glass panes


Low door sill
The special aluminium threshold allows for easier access but still keeps the doors sound, wind and rain proof.

This profile can be used for main entrance doors, balcony doors or where ever you need a excellent sound and weather protection.

Renovation Frame
A special profile for renovation projects to enhance the properties of existing windows.

This profile can be installed behind existing Wood or Aluminium windows for sound and heat protection.

Our Renovation windows are the ideal solution for Apartments or Offices where the outer facade of the building can not be changed. 


Wohnraum Door profile 70mm
Wohnraum Reno profile 70mm
TUV Cert ISO 9001:2000
ROTO German made door and window hardware

Profile, Hardware and Glass suppliers include; but are not limited to:

UPVC Profile:



Our Windows are manufactured in one of the most modern and automated window factories in the European market. The production takes place in a 20.000 m², ISO 9001 : 2000 certified, production plant in poland, employing more than 300 workers.‍‍‍

The factory is capable of producing 2000 window units a day and has produced over 1 Million Windows already.


‍‍‍‍‍‍Opening Hours BSD:
Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.00
or by appointment
Weekend and Public Holidays:
only by appointment


PT. Sembrani Jaya Abadi
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The Icon – BSD City (Jakarta)‍‍‍
Banten 15345 Indonesia
E: info@sembrani.de

PH: 021 505 603 67

HP: 08111 6111 41 (ENG/GER)
HP: 08111 6111 51 (IND/ENG)


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UPVC Front doors are made-to-order to suit your personal preference and to perfectly match the design and performance of your WOHNRAUM UPVC windows.

- Main entrance door (Pintu Utama)

- Side entrance

- Garden or Rooftop door

Design options:

- 70 or 88‍‍‍mm Profile

- Full clear glass (double glazing)

- Ornamental glass (double glazing)

- Solid panel (white or decor)

- Combination of glass and solid panel

- Dual color option (outside decor, inside white)

‍‍‍‍‍‍PH: 021 505 603 67

HP: 08111 6111 41 (DE/EN)

HP: 08111 6111 51 (ID/EN)

• W‍‍‍OHNRAUM received ‍‍‍the HOMED‍‍‍EC Good Design Award 2017 •

‍‍‍Download: 2017_Wohnraum UPVC doors and windows.pdf

Download: 2017_Wohnraum UPVC doors and windows.pdf